Sunday, May 19, 2013

Magic binding

I was on Pinterest, and saw this post for Magic Binding.  Essentially, it is a two color binding, with one side bigger than the other, so that when you fold it in half, it looks like it has piping on it. The part that appealed to me even more than how cute that looked, was the fact that it was all sewn with the machine and there was NO hand stitching.

So, I gave it a whirl...

Closer inspection...

I love the concept of this binding, but I will need to make it a few more times to perfect it. This random blue quilt was a good one to try it on, as this is my own quilt for my own bed and nobody has to see it but me. 

That being said...
I am happy to report that it is finally finished. I don't love it, but I like it well enough to use it, and it'll be nice to not fight over a double size comforter anymore on our queen sized bed. One more project off the work-in-progress list. Back to doing what I love to do, which is make quilt blocks and assemble quilt tops. And I have lots more projects to work on! Stay tuned!

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