Tuesday, May 6, 2014

No measure Bargello

I watched a video on youtube about making a bargello quilt without measuring and it looked surprisingly easy. I have had a book about bargello quilts for years, but never worked up the courage to work on one, because they seem so time intensive. 

I ordered the pattern and I ordered some fabric. I opted for batiks, in bright colors, as that is what I am attracted to, and it all arrived. Time to put the strips together.... But which way?

For two days, I arranged and rearranged the strips, trying to find a pleasing distribution, all the while wondering why I ordered these fabrics... 

In the end I opted for this layout. Then came the choice for backgrounds. I had enough grey or enough white in my stash, so I decided on the grey, thinking I don't want that pink to bleed into white. 

I followed the directions and watched my quilt top grow.

And then it was done. If I want to make it throw size, I can leave it as is; just quilt and bind. Or I can add borders and make it a bed size. Haven't decided yet which I want.

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  1. I have bought this pattern too. I am waiting for it. I have a roll of gray and am going to order some batiks in blue.