Thursday, November 28, 2013

Scrap wreath

My machine is fixed and hums along as it should again. Yay!

So, onto the next project!  I took those leftover squares from the Christmas Twister I made, and cut up some more red and some more green from my yard sale box of Christmas fabric, and made a big stack of half square triangles. Then I was at a crossroads of what to do with them. I hadn't thought that far in advance.

Pinterest to the rescue! I found this image that I fell in love with, but no pattern, (edit: I have since found a pattern, here, for a much smaller version) so I dug up my graph paper and drew it out.

I had no measurements from the original, so I just used the hst's I'd made and cut squares the same size in various reds and greens from that yard sale box of fabric. A special trip was made to buy enough white and a few more bits of green from my local quilt shop.

It took about a week to assemble the top, and I tried to let it be random, as long as two of the same fabric were not next to each other.

Some of the fabrics I love, some are ok, and some are just downright ugly. They are not all quilt shop quality, and I'm not even sure they are all cotton, but when they are all put together, it makes for a stunning quilt top.

(Oops, it's upside down, but we'll pretend we don't notice.)  Finished size is about six feet on each side.

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