Saturday, January 18, 2014


I've now completed 8 slabs. (slow and steady wins the race, right?)

Making these blocks was a bit intimidating at first, but the more I make, the easier it is, and I just go with the flow instead of trying to judge if that scrap should go here or there. I just grab the next piece in the pile and sew it on whichever side it fits with as little waste as possible.

I don't necessarily love each block, but I love the concept of using up even the smallest scraps, and this organizes it in a way I can work with (I don't do well with randomness). Each scrap has a memory of another project, so in essence, this will end up being a memory quilt for me. And that, I love.

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  1. I'm saving my scraps to make a scrappy quilt as well (when I have time *ahem*). It's a start and your blocks look great! What a great way to make a memory quilt for yourself! Bravo!