Friday, September 26, 2014

Lesson one

Craftsy class, lesson one, complete. I'm feeling good about how these turned out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Catch up

Restarted the farmer's wife quilt. This time going to do it in shades of grey. These are the first few blocks. Half square triangles pieced with the Accuquilt Go.

A rag quilt I made out of flannel pajama scraps for my daughter's puppy. I used to make pajamas for my kids when they were little, and still have the scraps from those days. This was cut out with the Accuquilt Go. Easy, fast project, and it ties in with my goal this year of using up my stash. 

One of the pillow's I made for J's mom, out of scraps leftover from a quilt her sister gave her for Christmas last year. This pattern was from a class I took on Craftsy and is called step down piecing. 
Pillow number two, again for J's mom, from leftover scraps. These hexies were pieced with a half-hex ruler.

Another class on Craftsy, this is the swoon block. Made from two fat quarters and some background white, all from stash fabric. Large, 24" block. Love it! Will be making more. 

Found a group on Facebook for a modern Farmer's wife that was following a course on Craftsy. Signed up for the pattern and starting following the way she suggests to make blocks, ten different blocks in each lesson, instead of using the templates like I was doing before.
Piecing them this way is a much more time efficient method, and seems to be just as accurate, and I don't have to figure anything out for myself, except which fabrics to use. Bottom left on this pic is from the one I made earlier this year, and same block top right is from the course. Equally good. 

I also made a quillow this summer, a non-quilted quilt that folds up into its own pocket to become a pillow, but forgot to take a picture before I gave it away. It was a special request item. I don't do many of those. I usually just sew wherever my heart and mind take me.