Monday, December 15, 2014

Table runner and placemats

Using up scraps seems to just make more scraps... First there was a quilt (made by someone else), and the leftover fabric was given to me to "make some pillow covers" to go with it. 

(You may remember these from earlier this year.)

So, now what else to do with the bits of fabric that are still leftover? Well, I used my accuquilt and cut up as much as I could into chisels, as that was a die I had that hadn't been used yet. I'm sure in my head it was going to be a quilt, but there weren't enough for that, it turns out. 

Pinterest to the rescue. Found this pattern and decided I could do that! (with an additional purchase of border fabric).

Ta Da! A table runner! ... But it didn't use very many of my chisels... And there were so many cut out... Now what else could I make? 

I tried various arrangements and came up with a new way to lay out two chisels with a triangle. 

This was my test piece. It's not pretty, but it was just random fabric that I had (and it doesn't matter if it's pretty if it's just a test). It seemed to work!

Let's try it with my actual fabric pieces that I would use together, I said to myself.

It's not fabulous, but it'll do for a placemat. So I made six of them.

Pretend you haven't noticed that they are just tops and still need to be sandwiched and quilted. It'll get done, eventually. 

However, there are still more scraps...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tree skirt

This was made with scraps and stash. I've been wanting a tree skirt for six years, and now I have one.

It was constructed using the ten degree wedge ruler. I simply cut 36 wedges, four each of nine different fabrics, sewed them together, and bound it all in a cute little red/white pinstripe. Easy project. I don't know why I waited so long.