Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday catch up

It's been a busy few days...

First up, the farmer's wife blocks I made on Thursday

Applique has never been my favorite thing, but somehow that basket handle had to get on that block, so I gave it a whirl. It's not the best, but it'll do.

Saturday evening was spent at one of my bestie's houses (thanks L!). I had to borrow a floor space large enough to sandwich together a queen size quilt (another one of my many "Works in Progress").

This is what you see after two hours, 200 safety pins and a bottle of wine. All ready to be quilted! Sewing the layers together is my least favorite part of making a quilt, but I am going to learn to love it (~cringe~).

These blue fabrics were collected over several years... A fat quarter here, a half metre there, a bit leftover from another project... I finally decided to do something with them last summer. I cut them into strips, then sewed three random strips together and cut those into square blocks, and into a bag they went. I randomly drew blocks out of the bag and sewed them together with the only rule being that no two fabrics could be side by side... This was a very difficult exercise for me as I am quite a perfectionist and like pattern... I don't "do" random easily. But once the top was together, I had to put it away and do something un-random for a while...

Then, in December, a new queen size (gasp!) bed arrived in our home. Along with it came new sheets, but we are still fighting over using the double quilt from the last bed... So, it was time to dig out the "random" quilt and get it finished up. 

Here now is today's Farmer's Wife blocks, with a salute to St. Patrick's Day thrown in. 

I'm thinking that this quilt is going to very interesting when all is said and done... It is definitely not traditional fabrics at all.  


  1. I love the blue quilt. Can you give a bit of information re: how big you cut the strips. I have a lot of random stuff in my stash and left overs that if I was organized, I could use. I love the grid quilting. I think you did the right thing ripping out the stippling - it would be worse to look at it on your bed and HATE it than to spend 3 weeks of your life unpicking...

    1. nancy, the strips were cut 2" wide by however long the fabric was (some were scraps, some were fat quarters, some were yardage), and sewn into random groups of 3 rows. Then I cut them into squares (5" maybe?) and threw them all into a paper bag. I picked squares randomly from the bag and sewed them together into a long row, with my only rule being no two fabrics next to each other. (Random is very difficult for me to do! This quilt is an exercise in patience!) I just eyeballed it for length and width with how I liked it for size on the bed. I'll give you a finished measurement when I finish it.