Saturday, March 9, 2013

Work in Progess

Disappearing Nine Patch
(someday I will get a better camera... in the meantime, please bear with me)

Step one: Start with a basic 9 patch block, each square cut to 2 1/2", and sewn together like this: 5 squares of the patterned fabric, and 4 single squares of different shades of a single color. The finished block will measure 6 1/2".

  Step two: Cut your block in half horizontally and vertically. 

Step three: Rotate your pieces a quarter turn, all the same direction. I went clockwise. 

Step four: Sew your pieces back together in their new arrangement. 

 I then sew four of these together to make my new 11 1/2" block. 

This is my quilt in progress. On the left, the shrinking pile of 9 patch blocks, and on the right, the growing pile of D9P blocks. I am making it four blocks by six blocks, which should measure 44x66" when finished; a nice sized lap quilt.

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