Sunday, March 10, 2013

D9P quilt progress

Cut a block into quarters, turn pieces, sew back together in pairs, press, sew the halves together, press, do this three more times, sew these four together to make one block...  then... repeat... many, many, many more times... It seemed endless... Then I thought, maybe I should streamline it; cut a bunch, sew those all into pairs, iron them all, sew all those halves together, iron them all... ...repeat... 

Goodness... what was I thinking???  This was not a project for one day or even a weekend! 14 hours of cutting/sewing/pressing later (spread out over 2 days)... 

Voila! We have a quilt top! 

Or do we? ... It doesn't look finished to me... Something is missing...

Then I put my finger on it. It doesn't have a border! All artwork looks better with a frame. This quilt needs to be framed. Guess it's back to the quilt shop, since I have absolutely nothing in my fabric stash that will go with this... (ok, maybe I do, but any excuse to go fabric shopping!)

(This picture shows the colors more accurately. It's predominately purples)

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