Friday, April 5, 2013

the seam ripper is my friend

I should have trusted my instincts when I made my last post in this blog, the voice in the back of my mind that said "you won't be happy with this," because, well, I haven't been back to work on the blue quilt since I wrote that I would finish it...

I finally got it in my head tonight that I should get in that sewing room and just finish it already... but then I sat down at my machine and...     just...     sat there...    I wasn't motivated... I didn't like it... Why was I trying to finish something that I didn't like? 

Knowing me, I would end up hating the quilt. I would never appreciate all the work that went into it. I would be reminded every time I looked it that I had wasted all that time and money and perfectly good fabric!

I tried... I gave it a whirl... I just didn't have it in me to continue... I   am    not   a    meanderer...

That nasty, awful, terrible, horrible, meandering top stitching is coming out, a stitch at a time...

The quilt is only a quarter of the way top stitched. 'If I pick it out now,' I said to myself while looking at it, 'there is a chance I could still selvage this project."  So, seam ripper in hand, I am parking my butt on the couch, and turning on Netflix for a marathon of the last season of PrisonBreak with my DH.

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