Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quilting by hand

Thanks to YouTube and Google, I am trying hand quilting. I don't know anybody who does it, so I have to use the resources I can find. I ordered supplies online and they arrived today; a hoop, some perle cotton, a couple different thimbles, the "right" needles. I was so excited, I began right away.

The stitches aren't even or straight, and my "seam allowances" vary, but I'm enjoying this. I like the peacefulness of it. And all of the websites assure me that perfection will come with practice, and just to give it a few hours. 

Earlier today, before my package arrived in the mail, I was working on some more Farmer's Wife blocks. 

My camera doesn't capture the colors or patterns of the fabric well, so take my word for it that these turned out lovely. This brings my total number of blocks to 16 out of 110. A little progress is better than no progress.

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  1. Hand Quilting...I think these days anything goes. I have tried it several times and like you enjoy it. I am not very good at it and take rather big stitches and I don't try to make them too small. I have seen a lot of the bigger stitches on quilts and love them so I don't worry about it.
    I also love your little profile about having a cup of coffee and wrapping up in a quilt. Sounds perfect.
    I don't post too often and don't get on too often but I will be sure and check your blog when I do get on..... so be sure and check my blog. I looked around and like your blog and a lot of the things that you have done. I know I will like it. I'm going to follow you..