Friday, October 11, 2013

Working on the Farmer's Wife blocks

I decided to go back to a project I started earlier this year, and try to whittle down my scrap bin at the same time. When I started making the Farmer's Wife blocks, I decided that my only condition was that every block had to have pink in it somewhere.

These are the four I finished today. They are bright and lively, and done completely with what I had in my stash. I have a basket of pinks, specifically for this project, and another basket that has other bits of leftovers in it.

So far, I am just piecing the blocks together in the order they are in the book. According to others that have followed this fad, there are more patterns than are needed, so we can pick and choose the ones we like. I'll probably skip over ones with curves, but that's speculation at this point. 

I'm only twelve blocks in and each finishes at only six inches, so at this point I can't fathom having more than I'll need.

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