Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Strips... and snips

The final piece of border is on the I Spy.

I am juggling with ideas of how to embellish it... Maybe embroidering more words ("with my little eye")? or maybe buttons? some bling perhaps (beads, sequins)? a combination of all? It will require more thought.

In the meantime, I was rummaging in my closet and came across this tote.

What a find! This is a stash that goes back at least 7 years. It's full of fabric that I bought for specific quilts. In each bag or box is a book or magazine paperclipped to a particular page, and sufficient fabric to make that quilt. All that is, except this one bag:

A ziplock bag full of 2 inch strips, but no pattern... And so many strips! I have no idea what my plan was for this, but it seemed like a challenge to figure it out, so, I got to work!

Maybe a trip around the world?

Maybe a basket weave style?


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